Driven by Curiosity 

At Lancaster Architectural Works, we see architecture as an artifact of our curiosity for the human condition. Our design process establishes a framework for our clients to express themselves. Through our curation of this expression, we deliver both comprehensive works of architecture for our clients and the unintended playful discovery of new creative forms of human drama.


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Lancaster Architectural Works offers full service architectural and contract administration services related to the design and construction of varying types of commercial buildings, ranging from multifamily housing to medical facilities.

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At Lancaster Architectural Works, we understand the level of intimacy related to the residential design process. We work closely with our clients selecting materials, finishes and developing custom details tailored to the complexity of each project.  

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Our restaurant designs are grounded in the cultural identity of food and its capacity for human interaction. Our material choices and interior layouts meet the needs of culinary identity and establishes long term equity for our clients.